L+L Countdown to 2021

L+L Countdown to 2021


The ‘non-advent advent calendar’!

A stationery and planner extravaganza with goodies to take you through all four seasons of 2021. Set up a planner or use bits for Penpal Letters, Junk Journaling or just to decorate your desk.

  • 31 individually wrapped gifts
  • Unique L+L illustrated and designed items
  • Planner goodies including vellums, stickers, vinyl, and diecuts
  • Unique handmade pencil case
  • High-quality materials throughout, including buttery soft premium matte paper and foiled accents
  • Accessories for your planner or desk including handcrafted leather (or vegan) goodies and more!

This listing does not include a leather TN – please see with A7, with A6 or with B6 listings to include a cover.

The box will be sent out in November 2020 by tracked shipping.
Must be purchased alone. Any other items included within your order will be canceled.
No coupon codes or vouchers can be used on this product.