It’s safe to say that 2020 hasn’t been the year any of us expected. Here at L+L HQ, we are lucky to have kept safe and well during the lockdown, but as we’re sure is the same for most of you – it’s been a time of stress and anxiety like we’ve never experienced before.

Back in March we had no idea if our small business would survive such a change in lifestyle, not only were our day jobs being turned on their heads and far more pressured than normal – we also didn’t know if anyone would be buying non essential purchases or if we’d even have a post service to send things.

But, not only did we survive, it became our time to thrive. Over the past 5 months we have posted little bundles of brightness and happiness across the world and had so much love and support from all of you – for that we are so grateful.

But it’s been hard, we’ve worked ridiculously long hours and at times we’ve become incredibly overwhelmed. Running a small business isn’t easy at the best of times – but this year has been a real challenge.

Lewis + Louisa evolved from a hobby, a small spark of an idea, and grew organically into what it’s become today. When we started we didn’t really have a plan, we didn’t have a vision, but it’s been one hell of an Adventure. We’ve had the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people and make so many beautiful products – there’s not a single thing we’d change.

But these last 5 months have taught us that life is too short, life is fleeting and every day is so precious. So we’ve decided to hit pause, not because we don’t love what we do here – but because we want to do so much more.

We will still be taking orders for our wonderful stationery and journal filled advent calendars (thank you so much to those of you who have ordered already!) as these won’t ship until October/November. We will also list Ready to Ship items occasionally. You’ll also see us popping up at a few planner events with workshops or exclusive sales. There may be some custom slots available in the future, sign-up to register your interest and also get emails ahead of any ready to ship releases.

But for now we’ll be hitting pause on new orders, to give us time to have some very different Adventures of our own.

This isn’t a “Farewell”, it’s a “See you Soon”

Paul + Em

Our Story

Here at Lewis+Louisa we’re all about life outside the 9-5. Whether that’s exploring the Highlands and Islands of Scotland in our campervan, enjoying a crisp autumn dog walk along the North Norfolk coast or making music and baking cakes in our quirky Edwardian house.

Lewis+Louisa was the small spark of an idea nurtured through dreamlike days on the open roads, when the desk and emails feel a million miles away, when you feel like anything is possible. Combining our pledge to create less waste, our love of all things natural and our desire to make beautiful things, we now while away our evenings in the workshop creating products that we’d be proud to use ourselves.

We want to share that sense of adventure with you, we want you to feel the winter sunshine on your face and be ready for wherever life takes you. What better way to do this than to make sure your leather purchases will stand up to that journey. All carefully handmade with care and attention, choosing only the best leather and materials we can find and constructed using traditional techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation. No mass production, no commercial products, just raw natural leather and two ambitious adventurers.

Paul + Em

Your Story

Whatever your next Adventure might entail, wherever it might be to, we want to make the one thing you can’t leave behind.

Whether it’s a notebook cover containing dreams and aspirations, a leather bracelet with a motivational message, a keyring for your campervan keys or a dog collar for your furry travel companion – we want to make something with your story in mind.

A piece of leather arrives with you with a past – but you give it it’s future. All of our products will age with you, softening and changing as they travel with you, reflecting the adventures you go on.

Take the first step on your next adventure…

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