Here at Lewis+Louisa we’re all about life outside the 9-5. Whether that’s exploring the Highlands and Islands of Scotland in our campervan, enjoying a crisp autumn dog walk along the North Norfolk coast or making music and baking cakes in our quirky Edwardian house.

Lewis+Louisa was the small spark of an idea nurtured through dreamlike days on the open roads, when the desk and emails feel a million miles away, when you feel like anything is possible. Combining our pledge to create less waste, our love of all things natural and our desire to make beautiful things, we now while away our evenings in the workshop creating products that we’d be proud to use ourselves.

We want to share that sense of adventure with you, we want you to feel the winter sunshine on your face and be ready for wherever life takes you. What better way to do this than to make sure your leather purchases will stand up to that journey. All carefully handmade with care and attention, choosing only the best leather and materials we can find and constructed using traditional techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation. No mass production, no commercial products, just raw natural leather and two ambitious adventurers.

Paul + Em

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